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*We are performing accessibility testing on new versions of our documents and will be releasing them here as they become available.


This Quick Start Guide contains everything you need to know to run a session of Descent into Midnight: a step by step rundown for how to conduct the session, the latest playtest versions of all ten playbooks, the community playbook, the move sheet, and more.
Quick Start Guide

Included below is an accessible version of the Quick Start Guide that includes Word doc versions of the playbooks suitable for use with screen readers, and screen reader friendly PDFs of the other play materials.
Quick Start Guide (Accessible version)


Playing in a game someone else is running, or just want to take a look at the playbooks? Here are the latest versions of all ten playbooks.


Press Kit

The official press kit, complete with art assets, team bios, press release, and playtest packet is available for download below.

Press Kit