About The Game

At its heart, Descent into Midnight (DiM) is a game about community, family, and hope. It's a tabletop roleplaying game that takes place in a technologically advanced aquatic civilization whose culture has never been touched by humanity. Bioengineering and psionic, or mental, powers allow the strange and varied species to communicate and interact with their surroundings no matter their physiology.

In the game, players take on the roles of guardians, defending their community from a physical, emotional, and even existential threat. The game focuses on the relationships between the guardians, the inhabitants they protect, and their internal struggles and dreams in the face of a corruption that threatens to change their world.

"The thing that we were building together was so hauntingly beautiful, that when something threatened to corrupt and destroy it, I felt it more viscerally than most experiences I've had throughout many years of playing and GM'ing games." - Jason Robinson, UX Designer, host of The Secret Cellar Podcast

Massive crustacean tending to purple coral gardens.

Descent into Midnight uses the award-winning Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) system developed by Vincent and Meguey Baker and used in popular roleplaying games like Masks: A New Generation, Monsterhearts, and Headspace. PbtA is a story-focused system that incorporates the best of both narrative and mechanical gameplay. Though players familiar with other PbtA games will have a solid foundation with Descent into Midnight, we have developed the setting and mechanics to inspire your imagination in new and surprising ways.

"All of the things that you think you know about the world completely shift, and so the world building ends up happening on this level of continuous surprise. I don't think it could ever get boring."-DC, creator Mutants in the Night; Narrative Designer, Wizards of the Coast


Illustration: Kelp Cultivator Unlike other RPGs, we have no canon setting for Descent into Midnight. Instead, we help players create the species they want to play, then work with the other players to weave their cultures and histories together to form a civilization that's entirely unique to their table. Designed to welcome everyone, no matter their knowledge or understanding of our real-world oceans, Descent into Midnight guides you into a new and mysterious world, one that you and your friends help create.

"The way [the playbooks] guided me into the character creation was great and let me explore something that I didn''t think I would do on my own." - Drew Corkill, UX Designer.

Instead of classes or point-buy systems, Descent into Midnight uses Playbooks to guide you through character creation and to weave your story into all the others at the table. Each playbook is written around a familiar trope, giving you a narrative anchor in this alien environment, and then uses leading questions and evocative language to seed your imagination with ideas.

Our playbooks are as much about what story you want to tell, as they are about what you do in the world.


In a game where sapient krakens and microscopic krill can create a complex society, how strong or dextrous you are isn't as important as the social, emotional, and existential impact of the actions you take. Descent into Midnight is a game about connections, so the statistics we use to describe your character describe your relationship to yourself, your team, and the people around you.